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Jonathan Young

Welcome to my corner of the world wide web. If you are interested in mythology, dreams, tales, imagination, archetypes, and the ideas of Joseph Campbell and Carl Jung, you have come to the right place.

The various sections of this labyrinth will take you to articles, poems, and references you can use to embellish your inner journey.



Finding Courage for the Tasks (2013)
A Few Thoughts on the Rewards of Mentoring (2011) Tangled Up in a Heartfelt Story (2010)
Mythic Stories and Inner Growth (2010) Fairy Tale Movies Speak to Adults (2007)
The Radiant Life - Thoughts on the Enduring Significance of Charlotte's Web (2007) The Good News About Getting Older - Nine Keys to Aging Well (2006)
Joseph Campbell - A Scholar's Life (2004) Imbolc : A Day for the Queen of Heaven (2004)
A Walk in the Hills - A Few Thoughts on Self Acceptance (2003) Symbolism in Spring (2003)
Star Wars as Personal Mythology: Episode One (1999) Insights from a Cinderella Story (1998)
A Day to Honor St. Barbara (1997) Once Upon a Time - Fairy Tales We Live By (1997)
The Lost Coin (1996) Joseph Campbell's Mythic Journey (1994)

SAGA and Reviews

Forward to SAGA - Best New Writings on Mythology Parabola Review - White Cloud Press
Round Table Review of: SAGA - Best New Writings on Mythology

Interviews and Profiles

Mythology and the Wisdom Reservoir (2010)
Welcome to Midlife (2010) Worthy Adversaries: Villains Take Center Stage (2008)
Old Wisdom & New Ways of Seeing (2007) Zidane: Hero Falls on Epic Scale (2006)
Joseph Campbell: His Life and Contributions (2006, 2001) Joseph Campbell Centennial: Remembering A Master Mythologist (2004)
Myth in Psychotherapy (2002) Myth and the Hero's Journey: Bigscreen Blockbusters (2002)
Inner Life through Mythology(2001) Storytelling, Preaching, Meet in 'Golden Age' (1999)
Looking for a Message (1998) Mythic Perspectives - Healing the Psyche (1998)
Insight to Fairy Tales (1998) You are the Starring Character in the Story that is Life (1997)
Keeper of the Sacred Stories (1997) Joseph Campbell - Folklore's Faces (1997)
Spiritual Aspects of Romance (1996) Psychologist Uses Myth to Get Point Across (1995)
Sacred Stories, Holy Paths (1995) Mythical Stories Help Unravel Meaning of Life (1995)

Special Interests

The Force has been With Us for 30 Years (Santa Barbara News-Press, 2007) 'Star Wars' universe revolves around Vader (USA Today, 2005)
Mythology in Star Wars (1999) Book of Star Wars - Religious Significance (1999)

Biographical Information and Photographs

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Poetry by Jonathan Young

Autumn The Singing
Pilgrimage Pacific Morning
The Visitation As Is
The One who Left Early

Poetry by Anne Bach

Today's Forecast Still Light
Looking Back For Mark Strand and his Moon
Survivors Longing
Snowmelt Return to New Jersey
Imaginary Dresser The Lucky Star
The Music Things People Told Me
No Excuses Mother's Gladiolas
Dear James Garner Her Mother Before

Postcards from the Road

To Kill a Mockingbird - Spring 2013
Edinburgh - Fall 2012 Mark Twain- Summer 2012
Kona, Hawaii - Summer 2010 Washington, DC - Spring 2009
Minnesota - Spring 2008 Down Under - Fall 2006
Indiana - Spring 2004 Nova Scotia - October 2000
New England - April 1999 La Paz - April 1998
Alabama - February 1998 Paris - December 1997
Fresno - May 1997 British Columbia - May 1997
Florida - November 1996 The Northwest - October 1997

Jonathan Young, PhD is a psychologist (PSY10231) who assisted Joseph Campbell at seminars and served as founding curator of the Joseph Campbell Archives and Library. As a professor, Dr. Young created and chaired a doctoral level department of mythological studies. His books and articles focus on personal mythology. Dr. Young currently teaches symbolism at universities and consults with organization leaders and creative artists.

Other presentations on Mythic Stories

In addition to his work with the Center for Story & Symbol, Jonathan Young also gives frequent public talks, workshops, and in-service trainings throughout the U.S., Canada, and Britain.

Dr. Young's
community presentation schedule
is updated several times a year.

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