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The Center for Story and Symbol

About the Center and Dr. Jonathan Young

The Center offers continuing education seminars and workshops on the psychology of fairy tales, mythic stories, creativity, movies as mythic imagination, and law and ethics for psychotherapists. CE hours are available for psychologists, marriage & family therapists, teachers, social workers, nurses, and other mental health professionals. Our courses meet requirements in most states.

Jonathan Young -- psychologist and storyteller -- assisted Joseph Campbell at seminars. Dr. Young went on to create and chair the Mythological Studies department at the Pacifica Graduate Institute, where he now teaches in the distance learning program. He is a story consultant on movies, most recently for Sony/Columbia. Dr. Young has a private practice in Santa Barbara, and also does consultation by phone.

Presented at an introductory level, the Center's courses are not just for psychotherapists. They are open to all those interested in archetypal perspectives. Center workshops and seminars require no advance preparation; however, participants are provided with a recommended reading list as part of their class materials.

Anne Bach

Anne Bach, M.S., MFT is a specialist in uses of writing in psychotherapy and personal exploration. She has led groups in a variety of clinical settings -- and has been a presenter on the psychological uses of writing at major conferences. She is also a noted literary consultant and has done trainings for professional writers in film, advertising, and creative non-fiction. Her artful facilitation of writing exercises provides a comfortable forum for reflection.

In-house trainings

Jonathan Young and Anne Bach also lead in-house staff trainings for counseling centers and other organizations. They also make presentations for university courses and corporate retreats. Since these events are not open to visitors, we don't post the dates.


Dr. Young and Ms. Bach also provide consulting services on treatment issues, creative projects, and personal mythology.


Spring 2017 seminar dates and locations are now available on-line. Space is limited so we recommend that you register early:

Video Lectures

Lectures on YouTube

Several of Dr. Young's lectures are available on YouTube. Search Jonathan Young and Live Oak to find current topics.

Lectures on DVD

A professionally produced DVD is available of the 2012 lecture The Inner Life of Fairytales, in which Dr. Young explores The Ugly Duckling to examine the key elements of the inner journey.

Purchase at website: C.G. Jung Society of St. Louis
Phone: (314) 533-6809
Email: cgjungstl (at) sbcglobal (dot) org

Dr. Jonathan Young

Seminars and Workshops

with Jonathan Young and Anne Bach

Plus -- A New Home Study Course

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The Wisdom of Mythic Stories

Home Study Course

The Wisdom of Mythic Stories Seminar

The Wisdom of Mythic Stories Home Study Course presents clinical applications of folklore and mythology. Through storytelling and lively discussion of the Wizard of OZ, we will explore how favorite stories reflect adult psychological dynamics and offer guidance for those dealing with life-stage transitions.

Law & Ethics 8

Minimizing Liability in Practice and Supervision

Green Gables, Anne profiles

Law & Ethics 8, Minimizing Liability in Practice and Supervision: Our eighth course on ethics also covers supervision. Discussion uses Anne of Green Gables and her mentoring experiences to explore training situations. This one-day course combines Law and Ethics and Supervision. The six-hour course satisfies both the mandated class in law and ethics ~ and six-hours on supervision. It would be of interest to anyone who finds themselves in a mentoring role.

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Mission Statement

The Center for Story and Symbol is a training and consulting group that draws on the wisdom of ancient storytellers to understand the workings of the human imagination. Our seminars build on the traditions of depth psychology and narrative theory. The central role of metaphor in personal and cultural imagery is explored in all of our courses. The Center's mission is to provide opportunities for advanced study of the inner life.